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Booking the Choir!

We hope this information, which has been gathered over years of singing in the community, will be helpful to those thinking of booking the Choir for a forthcoming event. The Choir members are all keen amateurs and volunteers and we take pride in ensuring every concert is a great experience and enjoyable for our audiences.

Charges – we do ask for a fee, but we try to minimise the cost to those who are fund-raising for charity and fees usually reflect the expenses we are likely to accrue. This can be discussed with our Concert Manager when you make an enquiry for a booking.

Venues – when choosing a venue the main considerations are space for the choir, space for the audience, convenient parking and good acoustics. Changing rooms – and an area for choir members to sit/relax during soloist or others performing would also be helpful. Where possible our Concert Manager will try to make a site visit prior to performing to ensure that things go smoothly.

Piano –we have a portable keyboard which we can bring with us, but if a well-tuned piano or organ is available our accompanist may be able to use either of them.

Repertoire – the choir has an extensive repertoire and adds to it each year. Usually our musical team selects the songs that we perform on any given occasion. We can provide a list of our current repertoire.

Soloists and local musical talent – the choir can provide soloists from its ranks but are happy to share concerts with a local choir or other musicians.  We particularly like to feature young local talent to showcase their abilities in a public performance.

Selling your concert – to sing to a packed audience is our greatest pleasure so we hope that you can use posters, local and social media, websites, and “fliers” for distribution to publicise your event. Ticket sales can be boosted by having them available in local shops, pubs etc., but if you have members or supporters willing to do the “hard sell” and offer tickets around to friends, family and neighbours that does help to fill up those empty seats!

We want to share a memorable and “Sold-out” occasion so help us to prepare for it!

But if you are keen to use our services, the first step is for you to contact our Concert Manager :-

Bill Bain
07980 703464
[email protected]]