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Welcome to Chippenham Male Voice Choir

Under the expert & committed guidance & support of our Musical Director, Howard Topper, and Accompanist, Mary Ballard (see CMVC MUSICAL TEAM), we perform from a large, varied and constantly updated library of contemporary and traditional music, ranging from Welsh hymns to arias from grand opera to pop classics and easy listening pieces. Our style is to enjoy our singing and strive to reciprocate the same reaction from our audiences. To achieve this there are some performance disciplines to which we adhere, but otherwise camaraderie prevails. The Choir’s ethos can be summed up as “Music is a serious business, but it’s got to be fun”. Three loud ‘amens’ to that!

Membership of the Choir costs £100.00 per annum (members can pay in full, or £50 in September then £50 in January). All music is provided. There is no formal audition but potential members are expected to have an interest in singing well, and will be offered a private session with the Musical Director to determine which section of the choir (Bass, Baritone, 1st or 2nd Tenor) it would be appropriate for them to join.

There is no age limit and men of all ages are welcome.